Why choose b.street for your Palm Springs convention center catering?

Palm Springs is where business meets pleasure, and conventions take a sun-soaked spin! At b.street, we’ve whipped up the perfect formula to make your event stand out: a dash of golden crispiness, a sprinkle of unique flavors, and a whole lotta waffles.

From early morning meetings with the comforting aroma of vanilla waffles to evening wrap-ups with the bold notes of maple bacon, we cater to every convention moment. Ready to make your Palm Springs convention center event the talk of the industry? Let's waffle it up together!


Perfect for breaks, brunches, and evening snacks at conventions in Palm Springs.

vanilla waffles


Seal that deal with the trusted classic, our Vanilla waffle. A touch of simplicity amidst the business hustle.

maple bacon waffle

Maple Bacon

For conventions that break the mold, our Maple Bacon waffle promises a taste that's both familiar and refreshingly novel.

lemon blueberry waffle

Lemon Blueberry

Refuel and re-energize your convention-goers with our Lemon Blueberry waffle. A zesty pick-me-up!

salted caramel waffle

Salted Caramel

Stay ahead of the curve and please modern palates with our Salted Caramel waffle. A bite into what's in vogue!

chocolate waffles

Dark Chocolate

Make a lasting impression with our fair-trade Dark Chocolate waffle. A taste that lingers, just like the best speeches.

apple cinnamon waffles


Crafting a convention like no other? Let's concoct a waffle flavor that mirrors your event's uniqueness.

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Waffle FAQs for your Palm Springs convention

How can we get b.street for our convention center catering in Palm Springs?

Booking our catering service for your Palm Springs convention is easy! Just fill out our contact form below. We'll contact you to discuss your event details and customize our offerings to your needs.

What makes b.street's waffles unique for conventions?

At conventions, it's all about engaging experiences. With b.street, not only does every attendee get to tailor their waffle with flavors and mix-ins, but the on-site baking also creates a warm aroma that's hard to resist. It’s not just a meal; it's an event within your event, turning snack breaks into talk-of-the-town moments.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions for our convetion?

We take great pride in using only the finest ingredients, including organic premium butter, cage-free eggs, and pure vanilla and honey, to craft our delicious waffles. However, at this time, we do not offer gluten-free or vegan waffles.

What's included in your convention catering service?

Our catering service includes a customized waffle menu, a friendly waffle chef, and all the toppings you desire. All you need is a room for a six-foot table near an electrical outlet, and we take care of everything else, including setting up, making and serving, and cleaning up.

Is b.street available for conventions in other Southern California areas?

While we specialize in Palm Springs catering, we also serve the broader Southern California region. Contact us to discuss your location, and we'll do our best to accommodate your event.

Just grant us a cozy corner, and we’ll transform it into the most frequented spot at your convention!
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