Memorable moments, unique experiences, and happy teams are our specialties!

Elevate your corporate events from ordinary to extraordinary with a sprinkle of b.street’s waffle magic!

Recognizing your team’s hard work shouldn’t just be another item on the checklist. With b.street, you can deliver a flavor-packed event that uplifts spirits, spreads smiles, and echoes appreciation throughout your Los Angeles workplace, school, or hospital.


Each team member chooses their own topping — baked right in!

vanilla waffles


A timeless favorite. Vanilla is simple, dependable, and always hits the spot – the perfect base for any gathering.

maple bacon waffle

Maple Bacon

Sweet meets savory. Our Maple Bacon waffle is an unexpected pairing that always gets people talking.

lemon blueberry waffle

Lemon Blueberry

Bright and tangy, this waffle adds a burst of freshness to the table, lightening the mood and delighting the senses.

salted caramel waffle

Salted Caramel

The perfect treat for those moments when the team deserves something a little extra special.

chocolate waffles

Dark Chocolate

Rich and sumptuous. For moments of pure indulgence featuring fair-trade chocolate, this waffle is a surefire hit.

apple cinnamon waffles


Every team has its favorite flavors. Tell us yours, and we'll whip up a batch that perfectly matches your preferences.

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Waffle FAQs about corporate and staff appreciation catering in Los Angeles

How can I plan an employee appreciation event in Los Angeles with b.street?

Booking our catering service for your event is easy! Contact our experienced team below, and we'll collaborate to design a customized event that perfectly aligns with your team's preferences and objectives.

What makes b.street's employee appreciation events in Los Angeles unique?

Our events are engineered to be unforgettable and enjoyable for everyone. At b.street, we infuse unique flavors into our waffles, making them a stand-out choice for office parties and events. Our waffles aren't just delicious; they're an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your team.

Can b.street help with team-building activities during our employee appreciation event?

Absolutely! We can incorporate a team-building waffle competition where everyone gets to design their waffle and compete for the title of the best-looking waffle. This enhances the bonding experience during your event. Let us know your goals, and we'll craft a program that perfectly fits your needs.

What does your office catering service in Los Angeles include?

Our office catering service comprises a tailored waffle menu, a friendly waffle chef, and an array of toppings to suit your preferences. We need a room with a six-foot table near an electrical outlet, and we take care of everything else. This includes setting up, crafting, serving your waffles, and cleaning up so you and your team can relax and enjoy the party.

Is b.street available for catering at nearby businesses in other Southern California areas?

While we specialize in office, school, and hospital catering in Los Angeles, we're also thrilled to extend our services to the broader Southern California region. Let us know your event venue, and we'll collaborate to create an exceptional and memorable experience for your team.

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