b.street Waffles could be the birthday ingredient you’ve been missing…

b.street is here to roll out the waffle red carpet, bringing a personalized waffle experience to your birthday bash.

From the comfort of classic vanilla to the bold zing of maple bacon, our waffle flavors add that extra dash of LA glam to your celebration. Every guest gets to choose their own topping and then watch as your personal waffle-chef whisks it up right on-site, sending irresistible wafts of waffle goodness into your party.

Whether you're commemorating the significant "big 3" or embracing the inner child in you at any age, let’s turn your Los Angeles birthday festivity into a waffle wonderland!


Perfect for brunch, dessert, or any celebratory moment during your Los Angeles birthday extravaganza.

vanilla waffles


Toast to another amazing year with our classic Vanilla waffle. A comforting start to every birthday festivity.

maple bacon waffle

Maple Bacon

For those birthdays that break barriers and norms, our Maple Bacon waffle adds a surprising twist to your treat.

lemon blueberry waffle

Lemon Blueberry

Light up your day with the zesty delight of our Lemon Blueberry waffle, as vibrant as Los Angeles itself.

salted caramel waffle

Salted Caramel

Add a touch of glamour and luxury to your celebration with the sophisticated sweetness of our Salted Caramel waffle.

chocolate waffles

Dark Chocolate

Celebrate with class and style with the deep richness of our fair-trade Dark Chocolate waffle, perfect for milestone birthdays.

apple cinnamon waffles


Every birthday is unique. Share your story with us, and we’ll craft a waffle flavor that reflects the essence of your celebration.

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Waffle FAQs for your Los Angeles birthday

How can I book b.street for my Los Angeles birthday party?

Booking our catering service for your Los Angeles birthday is easy! Just fill out our contact form below. We'll work with you to design the perfect waffle experience for your birthday celebration.

What makes b.street's waffles stand out for birthday parties?

Beyond great food, b.street creates a memorable experience for your Los Angeles birthday! A cute waffle station? Your own on-site waffle chef? Choose-your-own flavor? An unforgettable birthday? Check, check, check, and check.

Can you accommodate dietary preferences for our birthday celebration?

We take great pride in using only the finest ingredients, including organic premium butter, cage-free eggs, and pure vanilla and honey, to craft our delicious waffles. However, at this time, we do not offer gluten-free or vegan waffles.

What does your birthday party catering service include?

Our birthday party catering service offers a tailored waffle menu, a friendly waffle chef, and an assortment of toppings to suit your tastes. We set up, make and serve your waffles, and handle the cleanup, allowing you to relax and enjoy the party.

Is b.street available for birthday parties in nearby Southern California areas?

While we specialize in birthday party catering in Los Angeles, we're also delighted to extend our services to the broader Southern California region. Let us know your birthday party venue, and we'll work with you to create a memorable experience.

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