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Welcome to b.street Waffles! Our 'b.' stands for Belgium, where our waffle originated in the Belgian city of Liège in the 1700s and was sold on the streets after Sunday services. Today they are sold everywhere throughout the country, not just on Sundays. Crafted from brioche-style dough and imported pearl sugar, our waffles blend gooey sweetness with a satisfying crunch. We innovate by baking your favorite toppings directly into your waffle!

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Are you seeking unique catering? At b.street Waffles, we offer on-site custom and traditional waffle catering for events and parties. Our waffles don't just delight taste buds - their aroma shows your guests you care.

onsite waffle catering

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Our mission revolves around quality and creativity. We invite you to join our culinary journey. Choose from traditional and contemporary toppings to be baked directly into your waffle, enhancing your experience.


vanilla waffles


Stay authentic with our Vanilla waffle. Its rich, pure vanilla flavor and nostalgic aroma transport you back to the comfort of your mom's kitchen from childhood.

maple bacon waffle

Maple Bacon

Savor the unbeatable blend of savory bacon and genuine maple syrup in our Maple Bacon waffle. It's a crowd-pleaser that even the pickiest of syrup connoisseurs, like our buddy James, can't resist.

lemon blueberry waffle

Lemon Blueberry

Brighten your day with our Lemon Blueberry waffle! This tangy, sweet delight offers a burst of flavor and a healthy dose of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

salted caramel waffle

Salted Caramel

Savor the trend with our Salted Caramel waffle. A perfect mix of sweet caramel and a hint of kosher salt - a gooey delight for your sweet and salty cravings.

chocolate waffles

Dark Chocolate

Experience fairness with our Dark Chocolate waffle. Crafted with Fair Trade Dark Chocolate, it's a delectable delight that backs a worthy cause. Goodness, that tastes as incredible as it feels.

apple cinnamon waffles


Experience unique flavors baked right in, such as fresh ginger, lemon poppy seed, fresh cherries, and chocolate espresso. Share your event details with us, and let's collaborate on a memorable flavor journey!


bachelorette waffle party

Bachelorette party

Celebrate the bride-to-be with a unique waffle brunch! We'll bring the festivities to you, baking hot waffles on-site and setting up a waffle bar with favorites like fruits, Nutella, and whipped cream. Try baked-in flavors like Baileys and chocolate, rum-soaked raisins, Kahlua, and coffee for a grown-up touch. Let's create a memorable celebration.

birthday waffle party


What's more fun than a waffle party to celebrate your little one's birthday or the kid in you? We will collaborate with you to customize your waffle experience with exciting and fun toppings. Our popular kid-friendly waffle ideas include birthday cake with confetti, Fruity Pebble or Cinnamon Toast cereal, oatmeal raisin, and even peanut butter and jelly - all baked right into the waffle! Let's create a birthday bash filled with flavorful fun!

corporate waffle party


Give your team a break with waffle time! We'll bring our setup to your office and bake fresh, hot waffles on the spot, complete with Nutella and whipped cream. The irresistible aroma of freshly baked waffles will spread through the office, serving as a fragrant reminder of how much you appreciate your team. Let's make it a tasty and memorable way to celebrate your team's hard work!

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Waffle party

Let's celebrate every occasion with a waffle party! We've covered you from Bar Mitzvahs to Weddings, Retirement celebrations, and corporate parties. Fancy a themed waffle party? Try our Hawaiian theme featuring toasted coconut and pineapple waffles, or immerse in the camping spirit with our Smores or a holiday party with a red-velvet waffle with cream cheese icing.

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