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fresh-baked street waffles

b.street waffles provides a fun and tasty way to celebrate or show your appreciation. We offer on-site catering service with fresh-baked street waffles for your office event or private party.


b. curious

Your favorite toppings baked in! 

We start with real butter, fresh eggs, and pure vanilla, then mix in sugar, yeast, a dash of salt, and 100% employee-owned and B-certified King Arthur Organic Unbleached All-purpose Flour.

Meet b.street waffles' founder, Gerald

My inspiration for b.street waffles is the fond memory of strolling through the streets of Belgium where people walked the streets eating waffles held in their hands. The tantalizing aroma of baking waffles at the outdoor waffle stands sealed my love affair with Belgian street waffles.  

Launching b.street waffles 12 years ago in San Francisco with one waffle iron, we built up a fanbase throughout the high tech industry and with people looking for a fun, unique and tasty way to celebrate. Gerald moved to Palm Springs in 2022 and brought these yummy waffles with him. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, graduation, bar mitzvah, or just, "What the heck, let's have a waffle party," b. street waffles are there for you to do just that. 

For questions & inquiries, just email the waffle master, Gerald – gerald@bstreetwaffles.com


"Gerald and his team were always friendly, professional and a lot of fun as well as making the best waffles. It was always a good day when b.street waffles were in the house."

–Madeline, Facebook